Government Regd. No. 61/2010
Social Welfare Council No. 42377


About us

HHRD is a non-profit, non-government, non-political and secular volunteering organization. It officially registered with the government of Nepal in 2010. It has since been extending its hands in partnership with national and international organizations, to better the livelihood of rural people, especially the poor and needy..

We believe that volunteering is one way to make friends worldwide friends and to get to know one another. We arrange for volunteers of all nationalities, including Nepali, to work on interesting projects in Nepal. We can arrange special interest tours of Nepal, which are mainly eco or cultural tours. Tours can be for one day or as long as a month. HHRD Nepal was established with the objective of changing the status of the country. Now is the time to mobilize and harness different natural resources, Nepalese production and disseminate this task to the rest of the world. Practicing is more important than preaching.


  • To provide a platform to start volunteering.
    Make school kids empowered through different programs such as environmental awareness, health and sanitation awareness etc.
    Implement small projects such as school repair, tap repair, library establishment, medical supplies, sport material to the school and community etc.
    Provide sponsorship for kids who cannot afford to go to school.
    Maintain eco-tourism in Nepal.
    To mobilize volunteers for development, reformation, progress and benefit of the community.
    To assist volunteers.
    To produce audio and video materials to increase the level of volunteerism among the people and to help the community.
    To increase the skill of volunteers and through volunteers develops the skills of the community.
    To mobilize volunteers in the education, health, environment, human rights, agriculture etc. sectors.
    To help local Youth Club, Mother Group, User Group etc.
    To study the society and culture of Nepal.
    To publish different volunteerism promoting reading materials.
    To promote volunteerism.
    To increase the feeling of volunteerism among the people.

To fulfill our objectives, the support and help of volunteers, partners and local peoples is required.

Vision :

  • Mechanism of increasing community welfare.
    Livelihood uplifting program
    A community fund working alongside our other volunteering programs to directly or indirectly support for the well being of community.

Our focus:
On-going volunteer programs.

  • Work in an orphanage.
    Teaching English in School.
    Teaching English to Buddhist Monks.
    Environmental conservation.
    Health sector.
    Construction projects.
    Language and culture programs.