Government Regd. No. 61/2010
Social Welfare Council No. 42377


Computer Education Program

As Nepal emerges from its turbulent past, the need for computer skills has increased across all sectors. Computer education is most important for the rural children. Volunteers are needed to assist children and youths with basic theoretical and practical computer classes. You can teach any of the following useful programmes; Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, PageMaker, internet usage and website development.

Computers are used by NGOs, orphanages and schools to educate and inform the public on both local and international scales. Although computers and internet access are increasingly available, education is necessary to utilize these resources. NGOs rely heavily on volunteers to provide technological assistance and education.

Depending on the needs of partner organizations, volunteers may be placed with schools, orphanages or NGOs working to educate staff and the public or provide general  IT support. As with all placements, the type of placement and degree of involvement will vary with experience and how long the volunteer is staying in Nepal. Volunteers may be working independently or with a partner depending on the project.
There is currently a need for volunteers in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Most placements are 3-4 hours a day with an extended lunch break.

Volunteers are recommended to bring a laptop to their placement if possible, as most organizations lack funding to provide a computer for every volunteer.

Skilled requirement

  • General knowledge of English Language
  • Good knowledge of computers, especially basic office package.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Computer Knowledge.

Wokring Hours : 3-4  Hrs. everyday