Government Regd. No. 61/2010
Social Welfare Council No. 42377


Homestay and Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange and home stay programs offer volunteers the chance to live with a Nepali family in a small rural village or in city for the duration of their stay.HHRD- Nepal be arranging in most areas of Nepal with our 100 host family in different part of Nepal.  Participants will be placed with a Nepali family in a small rural village during their stay. This provides the volunteers with an excellent opportunity to learn about all aspect’s of Nepali culture, lifestyle, language, food and people. Nepal is a rich country in culture, natural resources and landscape. The country is a hodgepodge of ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak over 100 languages and dialects and there are numerous festivals that are celebrated throughout the year in traditional style highlighting enduring customs and beliefs.HHRD Nepal provides you intensive Nepali language classes.  After the completion of intensive Nepali language training, volunteers will stay with Nepali family in village through participation in village life. Volunteers gain cross-cultural experience through this program. This is a unique opportunity to experience Nepal differently that traces a lasting impression. Home stay program is best organized from August to December. This is the time of festivals in Nepal that you can have exciting experience celebrating festivals with Nepali family.

This makes for an overall more exciting experience for the volunteer.We organize cultural exchange programs on the lap of Mount Everest among more than 120 different customs people and their own culture and language. We provide you cultural exchange volunteer program in different part of Nepal and among different customs people. In Nepal mainly, there are four different cultural groups according to religious view they are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian. You can find the host family for cultural exchange program according to your interest and religious view. There are some indigenous and ethnic groups of people staying in Nepal. For cultural volunteer, cross cultural, cultural volunteer programs search and enjoy international cultural exchange programs in Nepal ,come as a volunteer and make your own family in Nepal, go as a relatives/ family member.
As a part of the home stay/cultural exchange program, you will also have the opportunity to participate in adventure activities including a jungle and elephant safari, trekking and white water rafting.

During your stay you will be able to feel what it is living the life of a Nepali villager. Walk with your family while they go about their daily chores, tending animals, tilling the fields, going to school with the children, grass cutting, small hill and rock climbing, fruit picking, make butter, play with children, become teacher ,experience in primary school, sing song with peoples and dance.

The Program fee includes

  • Airport pickup and drop
  • Language and cultural orientation training
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu.
  • Land Transportation to and from village placement
  • Accommodation during training period in Kathmandu
  • Accommodation and meals with your host family during the placement

Program fees don't include:

  • Visa/Visa extension fee
  • Air Tickets (Domestic/International)
  • Airport departure Tax from Nepal( About $30 US dollars)
  • Insurance
  • Laundry service
  • Bar Bills
  • Telephone Calls
  • Skills/ Qualifications

No specific Requirements needed.