Government Regd. No. 61/2010
Social Welfare Council No. 42377


Teaching In Monastery

Nepal is the birth-place of Lord Buddha of Lumbini, known as the light of Asia. There are hundreds of monasteries that are inhabited by Nepalese and Tibetan monks alike. Buddhism is practiced throughout the land and there are countless wonderful Buddhist monasteries scattered all over the country. More than 20 per cent of exiled Tibetan monks take shelter in Nepal. Monks living in such monasteries never get to learn English and they have been experiencing difficulties in interacting with the increasing number of western disciples. They desire to learn both English and world events.

English is also arguably becoming the world’s preeminent language. The ‘Rinpoches’ (monk of higher stand) have realized this and appreciate that having a lack of English skills creates a barrier to spreading the teachings of the Buddha. Volunteers can help by teaching English, especially to the monks.

The HHRD-Nepal will manage all the activities related to the volunteering, such as teaching English and other monastery-based volunteer opportunities. Teaching English to Buddhist monks is an excellent opportunity for volunteers who are interested in Buddhism and Buddhist culture. You can experience the life of monks in the monasteries. You can either live with the monks in the monasteries or in the host family while teaching in the monasteries. This is a perfect project if you are interested in Buddhism and the life of Buddhist monks.

Role of Volunteer
As a volunteer in the Teaching Buddhist Monks Program, you will provide basic conversational English instruction to young monks. Volunteers also organize games, paintings, drawings and other creative activities. As a unique facet of this placement, volunteers will witness and participate in traditional Buddhist rituals. Gaining insight into Nepalese language and culture is also a good idea – you could consider enrolling in our one week Nepal Language Studies & Cultural Immersion program.

Skills/Qualification Needed
There are no specific qualifications needed to join our teaching Buddhist Monks program in Nepal. However, volunteers must be respectful of the monks’ high social status and their attention to commendable life rules. Only very focused and disciplined volunteers should join this project.

Project Location
The project sites are located near Kathmandu, Lumbini & other locations in Nepal, where Tibetan villages are located.  Kathmandu is also known as the city of temples. You can find more than half a dozen ancient historical places and World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. Lumbini is birth place of Gautam Buddha, which is also visited by foreign monks. The volunteers also have various opportunities to explore cultural heritage sites. Our co-coordinator will visit you in your placement in every few weeks. During the visit, he/she will check on your progress and make sure that you’re satisfied.

Arrangement of room/food/supervision
HHRD-Nepal will manage your accommodation, food and supervision during your stay. During this project, you will stay in the monastery, host family or guest house. Staying in the monastery provides you with a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture and tradition of Buddhism. n the host family’s house, you will have a room for yourself and will be served three local meals a day. Food is generally Nepali (Dal Bhat), but sometimes it may vary. Staying with a host family provides you with a wonderful opportunity for you to experience Nepali lifestyle. You can even learn to cook Nepali food.  You can get to know the Nepalese culture, get involved into the community of the village you work in, and find friends easily. Our staff members will visit you in your placement in every few weeks. During the visit, we will check on your progress and make sure you’re satisfied.

Volunteer Type    
Teaching in Monastery/Nunnery

Placement Location    
Kathmandu, Lumbini & other various locations in Nepal

Food & Accommodation    
Nepali standard provided at the host family in the placement area or hostel/ Guest House

Teaching, organizing creative Activities for the Monks/Nuns

Working Hours    
3 to 4 Hours a day/ 6 days a week

Program Start Date    

Program Duration    
1 week to 16 weeks

When to Apply    

Eligibility. Who can Apply?    
All Applicants must be over 18 years, at least High School Graduate and interested in teaching, playing, staying with Monks and learning about Buddhism

Visa Required    
Tourist Visa

Language Required