Government Regd. No. 61/2010
Social Welfare Council No. 42377


Welcome to HHRD Nepal

If alittle effort makes a big difference in someone else’s life, then why not start helping today? Let’s share our ideas and contribute to enhancing the quality of life of poor and needy people. HHRD- Nepal cordially welcomes volunteers to participate in actively bringing change into the lives of rural people.

HHRD- Nepal is an organization dedicated to spreading the word on volunteer work and volun-tourism in Nepal. We also organize a wide range of volunteer work and volunteer internships in Nepal for individuals and groups of any size.

Our program comprises of volunteer work in the areas of orphanage assistance, childcare, teaching in schools, health care, language, eco-work, culture and observation tours, home stay, expeditions, trekking, sports, community development and many more….

Volunteer programs also offer a variety of ways to enjoy the exhilarating and exotic beauty of Nepalese nature. We provide quality volunteering opportunities in the numerous community development sectors of Nepal. Participants stay with carefully selected, respectable host families in a home stay setting.

Volunteers can participate in most of the programs anytime all year round. People of any religion, race or nationality are welcomed to participate in the program. Intern-student-volunteers observe and assist in the work of the local professionals, and serve under their supervision.

People without special skills, professional qualifications, academic knowledge or previous experience can still volunteer in some of our programs in Nepal. Our programs are not designed only for university students on vacation, but anybody from any background is encouraged to volunteer with us, as long as they have the motivation, charisma, initiative, drive and the compassion to assist the underprivileged overcome their challenges and their struggles for dignity.