Government Regd. No. 61/2010
Social Welfare Council No. 42377



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This was our first time in Nepal, also in Asia. After the early typical difficulties, becoming accustomed to the food, the language, the way of life,… the time we spent there was very nice. During three weeks we´ve been able of visiting lovely places and we could know, a little bit, the way of life of the people in Nepal.

We were struck by the cordialness of the people, always friendly and arranged to help us when we wanted to know places, prizes, transport, and also the interest just in talking about life.

But the best was meeting to Ram and his family, and so the NGO. We participated in a program that the ONG provided in Chitwan National Park during a couple of days and we really enjoyed.

Especially we remember the days we spent with Ram´s family. They provide us a warm welcome and they treated us like members of their own family, so we are deeply grateful of having the luck to met them. After the trip, we are sure that anyone who could enjoying time with a family, will be grateful.

We also had the opportunity of visiting, and participating, in a local school, fact that was very nice for us and we learn a lot.